Patients in and around the area of Orlando, FL are often interested in learning about ways to turn back the hands of time. While the signs of aging can result in patients feeling less than happy with their appearance, Dr. Debra Grayman of Pure Skin Dermatology, LLC is excited to offer her patients options. Instead of having invasive, surgical procedures such as face lifts performed to achieve a more youthful look; our practice encourages the use of cosmetic dermal fillers to achieve results that last several months.

Plastic surgery carries many risks, and it can be costly. While the results are permanent, patients with mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face are not proper candidates for a procedure such as this. Patients turn to a cosmetic dermatologist such as Dr. Debra Grayman to discuss alternative solutions that may provide similar results. This is when cosmetic dermal fillers are suggested.

Dermal fillers are injectables such as Restylane and Juvéderm that are used to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. These dermal fillers are fabricated with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring protein in the skin that attracts water and adds volume. When injected directly into fine lines and wrinkles of the face, it can result in a dramatic improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin. It can reduce the depth of the wrinkles and allow patients to look several years younger with just one visit to Pure Skin Dermatology, LLC.

Dermal fillers can also be used in conjunction with other injectables such as Botox. Botox is a neuromodulator known for paralyzing specific muscles of the face to the point dynamic wrinkles are dramatically reduced. When patients want a face lift without surgery, Dr. Debra Grayman may suggest a “liquid face lift” with a combination of dermal fillers and neuromodulators for optimum results.

If you reside in or around the Orlando, FL community and have considered cosmetic injectables through a dermatology practice to achieve facial enhancement, contact the team at Pure Skin Dermatology, LLC today to book a consultation visit with Dr. Debra Grayman and her team of professionals. We welcome patients in our practice who are interested in improving the way they look in ways that are safe, affordable, and effective.