Turn Back the Time on Your Skin


Cellulite is almost a dirty word these days. No man or woman is excited about showing off the parts of their body that are lumpy and distorted. If you find yourself with cellulite, your self esteem takes a hit and suddenly you’re uncomfortable in a bathing suit. This is no way to live! Luckily, there’s [...]

Turn Back the Time on Your Skin2017-10-11T14:06:33-04:00

A Healthy Diet for Healthy Skin


Everything you do affects your skin. Whether it’s where you live, your stress level, or even the food you eat, your skin will be impacted. Keeping a healthy skin care routine is obviously important, but taking care of your body and eating healthy foods will help keep your skin beautiful. Here are some good and [...]

A Healthy Diet for Healthy Skin2017-09-05T11:07:07-04:00

Eco Friendly Skincare with a Diamond


Eco-friendly skincare is a trend that has been growing for years now. With our planet facing large amounts of pollution and a questionable future, we are turning towards all things vegan and environmentally safe. But who would have ever expected that a girl’s best friend would be a part of that movement? Diamonds are always [...]

Eco Friendly Skincare with a Diamond2017-08-01T14:53:31-04:00
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