Chemical peels from Pure Skin Dermatology in Orlando are a perfect non-invasive option to rejuvenate your skin. Sun exposure, acne, and aging call all leave your skin tone uneven. Chemical peels use a chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers and leave your skin looking clearer, smoother, and younger.

Skin is the largest organ on the body. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays combined with pollutants in the air and the natural aging process can leave skin with wrinkles, blemishes, and sunspots. Humans shed their entire skin about once a month. The body works to immediately replenish those cells. Chemical peels work to take advantage of this inherent biological process to improve the appearance of skin. Skin damage, such as scars, often only affects the top few layers of skin. Removing these layers and allowing new, healthy skin cells to grow in their place can eliminate those imperfections.

Depending on the severity of the damage, one treatment may not remove all of the spots. A series of treatments may be necessary along with adjustment in the formula of the solution used. Your skin type and degree of damage will help Dr. Grayman come up with the correct agents and concentrations to use for your individual situation. There are three different types of chemical peel: light, medium, and deep.

To prepare for the peels, you will need to cleanse your skin several weeks before treatment. This involves using a specialized wash and moisturizer twice a day along with daily sunscreen application. Dr. Grayman may also recommend the use of an acne medication to help speed healing. This regimen will allow your skin to peel more evenly, speeds healing, and can reduce the chance of uneven changes in skin color.

Recovery after chemical peels is based largely on the type of peel. Proper skin care after the treatment will help prevent infection, speed healing, and make the results last longer. It is especially important to use sunscreen daily as new skin is more susceptible to sun damage.

Call Pure Dermatology today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Grayman and find out how chemical peels can improve the look and feel of your skin.