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Project Description

UltraShape Power is a non-invasive, painless procedure that selectively destroys fat calls permanently from your “problem areas.” During an UltraShape Power treatment, ultrasound waves are delivered deep beneath the skin where they weaken the walls of fat cells. In this state, fat escapes in the form of triglycerides, which will easily leave the body for good.

After a comfortable, effective treatment, you can get right back to your busy schedule, even hitting the beach in your bikini or board shorts without any sign of “having work done.” You will notice the effects of the treatment within 2 weeks of your first treatment. Treatments come in packages of 3, and should be completed within 6 weeks. UltraShape Power is a very comfortable treatment. No recovery time, anesthesia, or incisions.

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Lovely, very clean office. Pleasant, personable staff. What an amazing Doctor, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. A real doctor, with an excellent beside manner. Patience and extremely thorough. I was asked “three” times if I had any questions before I left the office. Really??? I am overjoyed! What a JEM!! This lady ROCKS!!!


Dr. Grayman is a highly skilled, knowledgeable dermatologist with stellar bedside manner. Her in-depth knowledge on technologies and treatments to address a variety of skin issues is evident as she takes the time to educate her patients on preventative skin care measures and how to maintain healthy skin. She is thorough, attentive, and talks to you in plain English, not complicated medical terms. Her staff is friendly, helpful, and well-organized. All this is a beautiful state of the art office in a spa-like setting. One of the best experiences I have had with a dermatologist!


Thank you for the pleasant of my office visit on 3.5.15.I was especially pleased when I was called back and the assistant gave her name without you having to ask. Thank You Priscilla for that. Keep up the good work. I was well pleased with Dr. Grayman as well. Thank you both!!


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