No one likes having big pores, but unfortunately there’s no way for us to get rid of them. The average adult woman has about 20,000 pores on her face. Keeping all of those pores clean and clear sounds impossible, but we all know how important it is! You can’t make your pores disappear, but you can use some of these tricks to shrink them:





The first step to shrinking your pores is keeping them clean. When you exfoliate your skin you clear out dead skin cells that can clog your pores and make them look bigger. By using an exfoliating cleanser or a DIY face scrub, you can create a smoother appearance for your skin and start to shrink your pores!




Everyone is probably tired of hearing about the benefits of wearing sunscreen all the time, but it’s so important that we’re telling you again! Not only does sunscreen keep your skin safe from UV rays, but it also helps keep your skin’s elasticity. Sun exposure reduces your skin’s elasticity which will also loosen your pores. That means that they’re more susceptible to getting clogged…which is not what you want!


Face Masks


Homemade face masks can do wonders, as long as you’re using the right one! Using a yogurt face mask can help to get rid of the “bad” bacteria in your pores and to dissolve the impurities on your skin. An egg white mask is also one that will tighten your skin and help to shrink your pores.  




Microneedling is a procedure that can shrink your pores, tighten your skin, and even reduce acne scars. By repeatedly making tiny needle wounds in the facial skin, the sin then produces collagen and elastin, which in turn makes the skin look younger and more plump. When your skin is injured it produces these chemicals to heal it, so by making these tiny needle pricks all over the face, collagen and elastin help to tighten and plump your face.


Keeping your skin clean and protected from the sun is a great way to start the process of shrinking your pores, but to really make a difference, microneedling is the way to go. The process of microneedling is one that allows your skin to produce chemicals to help plump and rejuvenate skin on its own. Pairing this procedure with a good skin care routine will no doubt shrink your pores and keep you looking young and beautiful!