Fall is that beautiful season where you can wear pants without sweating and coffee shops are crowded with people looking for pumpkin spice flavored drinks. But most people don’t consider the effect this wonderful weather will have on their skin and how they should be changing their routine to fit the season. No, we don’t mean pumpkin scented lotions… but that’s not a bad idea either.



As the weather gets colder, you’ll notice your skin will start to dry out. Of course we live in Florida and we know that cold weather is rare, but the lack of humidity will do the same thing to skin that is used to a humid environment. Cold weather will make its way here eventually, so make sure you and your skin are prepared. Keep your chapstick close and your favorite lotions in stock.



It sounds a little counterintuitive, but exfoliating helps to treat areas where your skin is dry. By using body scrubs and loofahs, you scrub off all the dead skin cells and let the new healthy skin breathe. That way when you moisturize, your healthy skin will be able to absorb it better than your dead skin cells!



We know you hear this all the time, but it’s important to put on sunscreen whenever you’re planning on spending time outside. While the weather may be nicer, that doesn’t change the UV rays! So if you’re going tanning to celebrate the lack of humidity, don’t forget the sunscreen. Sunburns are no fun and even if you don’t get one, you are still opening yourself up to the possibility of skin damage. So, lather it up and protect your skin!



Gentle cleansers are the way to go in the fall. Your skin is sensitive as the weather changes and overdoing it with rough cleansers might throw off your pores. Keeping your face wash simple and calming will ensure that your skin won’t fight back at the cooler temperatures.


Just like you change your wardrobe for fall, you should change your skincare routine! Be sure to keep your skin happy and healthy with moisturizer and products that will keep it hydrated. It’s time to prepare your skin for the colder temperatures to come. So enjoy your PSLs and your big comfy sweaters but don’t forget the lotion!