Patients with body acne are often self-conscious of the way they look when wearing tank tops or swimsuits during the summer months. Acne is not just a skin concern that develops on the face-it can also show up on the body especially the chest and back. This condition can be resolved with an effective body acne treatment from Dr. Grayman of Orlando’s Pure Skin Dermatology. Her dermatological practice is committed to assisting patients with the reduction or elimination of acne and other skin concerns.

Developing the proper body acne treatment for patients starts with a thorough examination. During this initial visit with Dr. Grayman, patients have the opportunity to show her their condition. The severity of the condition and the area in which it exists is helpful in allowing the dermatologist to develop an effective treatment plan.

Mild body acne might be addressed with a simple skin care routine. Exfoliation of the skin is a great way to help remove bacteria and clean the skin to reduce breakouts. This should be done every day and can be combined with a mild cleanser to clear out the pores and provide acne medication to the area such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Patients with moderate to severe acne on their body may benefit from additional medications and treatments. Dr. Grayman offers a variety of prescription grade products that can be used on the skin to reduce acne. These have more anti-bacterial properties that can address the source of the problem. Additionally, patients may benefit from spa services including microdermabrasion and chemical peels on the area to reduce severity of the chest or back acne.

The team at Pure Skin Dermatology in Orlando has committed their lives to the improvement of their patients’ skin and confidence. With a variety of services to provide glowing, healthy skin, patients enjoy the benefits of visiting a qualified dermatologist to seek ways to cleanse and treat conditions of the body.

If you live in the Orlando, FL area and are considering a dermatologist that truly cares about your health and appearance, and your wellbeing, contact the team at Pure Skin Dermatology today to schedule your initial consultation appointment and examination.