Many skincare brands have taken steps towards becoming cruelty free, but there are still brands who test their products on animals. As we’ve seen recently with the backlash from NARS, who has now begun animal testing makeup to be sold in China, customers do not like these methods. People are much less likely to purchase their favorite lipstick if they know that it’s being tested on innocent bunnies. However, there are other ways of testing products that can give more accurate results. This technology can help us open up more information about skincare and the effects of products.


MatTek and EPISKIN are companies that grow human skin in test tubes and culture dishes to sell to companies for testing purposes. It sounds weird, we know, but it’s an important part of the cosmetic and skin care industry. But don’t worry, these labs aren’t growing zombies to test your foundation on. These companies create dime sized pieces of skin, grown from real donated skin cells. This tissue is then sold to companies for testing purposes. From laundry detergent to your favorite makeup brands, companies are realizing the importance of having cruelty free product lines.


Is it safe?

The skin cells that are donated from hospitals are tested for diseases and issues that could result in inaccurate results. The skin tissues are good for up to 3 weeks, which gives enough time for testing and side effect research. MatTek and EPISKIN know that their labs are responsible for important testing and don’t take it lightly. They want to ensure product safety as much as the companies that are using their skin samples do.


This new step for skin care lines could mean big changes in the world of products! Companies will be able to get a better understanding of how human skin will react to their products. The skin samples grown by MatTek and EPISKIN are made to mimic the skin that grows on your body. That means that when companies test these samples, they’re much more likely to get real results rather than when they are animal testing makeup.
It is important to know where your products are coming from. We wouldn’t want our patients using products that they are unsure of and end up having a bad reaction with their skin. Make sure you are paying attention to the companies and brands that develop your moisturiser and your mascara. Using cruelty free products is better for your skin and definitely better for the bunnies that aren’t being tested on.