School is stressful. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college… there’s no denying the stress that comes with studying for exams and making new friends. Add teenage acne on top of that and your days can be miserable. You shouldn’t have to deal with blemishes while trying to grow up and figure out how to do precalculus.


Acne has been around forever and our society has gone through thousands of different treatment options to get rid of those pesky spots. Some of these methods sound pretty ridiculous when compared to the skin care technology we have today. In ancient Egypt, spells and charms were used on pharaohs who suffered from bad acne. Later, it was also thought that acne was caused by telling lies, like somewhat of a Pinocchio story!  Luckily, we have grown past those confusing stages. Eventually, acne was recognized by the Greeks as a symptom of puberty and was treated with soaps and honey and we started treating acne as a medical issue.  


Now that we know more about the causes of these breakouts, we can solve them better! Many people find their way to a dermatologist when acne becomes too much for drugstore products to handle. Teenagers and young adults suffer the most from acne issues and without treatment, those blemishes won’t be going anywhere. Of course, we know that hormones and puberty are the main causes of teenage acne, but using the right products for your skin to combat your acne is important in seeing results.


Choosing the right products can feel like a guessing game sometimes and without a little guidance it takes forever to find what works. Doctor Grayman and our other trained specialists can help you get a good idea of what your skin needs. Mild acne is a medical condition and is usually treated with topical medications which can be prescribed by Doctor Grayman. We’ve all been teenagers and know how mortifying it is to have bad acne. Our job is to help you to look and feel your best so we will do everything we can to give you the best skin possible!


How Can We Help?

Make an appointment at one of our locations and we can pinpoint the issues causing your blemishes. Let us help you get ready for school with clear skin. Leave the teenage acne behind and put your best face forward for the new school year.