At some point in a patient’s life, he or she may deal with a rash. A rash is a general medical term that describes a skin outbreak that causes discoloration and sometimes inflammation. There are many types of skin rashes, including rashes caused by infection or physical contact with an allergen. Each type of rash can require a different form of treatment. A heat rash would not be treated the same as poison ivy, and eczema is not treated the same as chicken pox. Noninfectious rashes are different from rashes caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Some rashes are caused by irritants such as soaps and detergents, and the best way to reduce or eliminate the rash in these situations is to eliminate contact with the irritant. However, further testing may be needed if this is done and the rash does not subside.

The key to determining the reason for the rash is to visit Dr. Grayman in Orlando. Her practice, Pure Skin Dermatology, is equipped to assist in properly diagnosing rashes. Treatment is determined based upon a proper diagnosis after a visual examination of the skin, as well as a patient’s medical history.

Treatment varies depending on the diagnosis. Some rashes are contact rashes, which may be caused by contact with an allergen. Others are chronic conditions, such as eczema. When a patient receives a proper diagnosis from an experienced dermatologist, he or she is able to obtain a treatment that helps.

Over-the-counter, nonprescription treatments might remedy a common rash. This may include an anti-itch cream, an oral medication such as an antihistamine, or a lotion that can moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation and dryness. Other conditions may require prescription medications depending on their severity, and frequency. Chronic skin conditions such as eczema may require prescription medications for control.

Dr. Grayman, of Pure Skin Dermatology, is here to help patients of all ages with their skin concerns. If you have developed a rash or skin condition that is not reacting positively to home treatment, schedule an examination for a proper diagnosis and effective treatment.