Patients with sensitive skin may be bothered by acne, and wonder if there is a way to be tough on acne without being tough on their skin. Treating sensitive skin is something that troubles many patients before they visit Pure Skin Dermatology. It can be a challenge to care for sensitive skin, which is why Dr. Grayman provides these simple tips and techniques!

Gentle cleansers
Patients with sensitive skin need to ensure that they are using very gentle cleansers when removing make-up and oil from their face. You want to clean your face, but you don’t want to remove all of the moisture from your skin. Dry skin can make acne worse, so make sure that you are using the proper cleanser for your skin’s sensitivity and for your acne.

Replace your washcloth
Washcloths can harbor bacteria if used more than once, so it is important to change out your washcloth each time you cleanse your skin. Using a lightweight terry cotton cloth is best for sensitive skin.

Find calming ingredients
Many active ingredients can be found in over-the-counter products that are meant to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Look for natural ingredients such as allantoin, chamomile, shea butter, and propolis. These are all helpful in preserving hydration and reducing skin irritation and reactions.

Avoid harsh exfoliation
Exfoliating the skin can actually aggravate acne on sensitive skin. Avoid harsh exfoliation. Many believe that exfoliation can help with acne when, in fact, it can make it worse and cause flare-ups.

Use the right moisturizers and topical solutions
Ask Dr. Grayman about the moisturizers that can be used on your skin. Some may be too harsh for sensitive skin, so a lower dose of medication may be best.

Dr. Grayman is no stranger to acne, and is well equipped to help patients who struggle with this condition along with sensitive skin. If you have acne and you have found over-the-counter products to be too harsh, contact Pure Skin Dermatology of Orlando today to discuss your skin care regimen. This is the best time to find out if medical-grade products can assist in improving your skin and acne condition.