If you are feeling like the reflection in the mirror is looking a little less youthful than it used to, then you may be the perfect candidate for wrinkle fillers. Patients who are experiencing thinning lips, a loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines, and less defined facial contours can improve their appearance with Restylane.

Restylane works to provide patients with smoother, more even skin and helps re-contour the face. Patients can also use Restylane to increase volume and achieve fuller lips.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is an injectable gel the works to restore volume and structure to the face. It is made from hyaluronic acid and is considered safe and allergy-free.

What does Restylane treat?

Restylane can be used for the following ailments:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Fine lines across the forehead
  • Chin contouring
  • Fuller lips
  • Improving jawline contour

The Restylane procedure

Restylane is applied through a fine needle that injects the gel just beneath the skin. The treatment is fast and pain-free. Some patients will experience itching, redness, swelling, or tenderness near the treatment area. This usually resolves within one week.

Results of Restylane are immediate. You will notice a smoothing of wrinkles and more defined contours right after your session. A follow-up treatment after several months and then again after 18 months is recommended for optimal results.

Patients who are best suited for Restylane treatments are those who are in good health and want to reduce the visible signs of aging. Patients should have realistic expectations about the results and be open to follow-up treatments to maintain those results.

At Pure Skin Dermatology and Aesthetics, we offer wrinkle fillers and a wide array of other procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal to rejuvenate your face and skin. Dr. Grayman and her team are committed to listening to your concerns and they will develop a treatment plan that puts you on the path to your desired results. If you feel that you’ve lost the humor in your laugh lines, and you want to know how you can take years off your appearance, call us today to schedule an appointment.