Laser hair removal has become the best way to reduce hair growth permanently. The process is simple, but it does take several sessions to achieve the ultimate results. However, laser hair removal allows you to throw away your razor, tweezers, or other temporary removal tools, making the process well worth it.

Laser hair removal works by delivering pulsating light at a given wavelength through the skin. This light targets pigment within hairs in the follicle at the time of treatment. These actively growing hairs hold the greatest concentration of pigment, and they are easily vaporized by our gentle laser. Although the ultimate result of laser hair removal is that follicles are rendered incapable of producing more hair, it is only the hair in the active phase that absorbs light during treatment.

After a laser hair removal session, it is common to experience the shedding of visible hair. However, hairs that were in inactive growth cycles during treatment will continue to grow. With each treatment, we move closer to reaching all of the hairs, achieving permanent results. Obviously, you want to achieve the best possible results from laser hair removal treatment. We encourage our Orlando patients to follow some simple steps to maximize their experience.

  • Consider scheduling your hair removal sessions in the “off-season,” when you may spend more time indoors than out. We often think of the benefits of hair removal in the summertime, when we show more skin. However, the greatest efficiency is achieved when the most pigment is found in the hair follicle, not the skin itself. Therefore, pale skin is ideal for laser hair removal.
  • Off-season scheduling is also ideal to accommodate the multiple sessions needed for permanent results. Undergoing treatment during a time of year in which you are more apt to cover up makes the next step even easier;
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, or any other type of temporary removal that “plucks” the hair by the root. Removing hairs in this manner means that they may not be able to reach the active growth phase before your next scheduled hair removal session.

You can enjoy beautiful, smooth skin without the daily hassle of shaving or plucking. Contact Pure Skin Dermatology in Orlando to learn more about laser hair removal in your consultation with Dr. Grayman.