At Pure Skin Dermatology, LLC near Orlando, we provide patients with not only medical and cosmetic dermatology solutions but have a full medical spa available. Patients who want to improve the texture and appearance of their skin may benefit from a wide range of treatments with our aesthetician. For new patients, we recommend they undergo a full examination and consultation appointment with Dr. Debra Grayman to determine the best treatments for their skin type and texture and develop a treatment plan suited for their specific needs.

Once patients have been properly diagnosed with their specific condition or have an idea as to the skin concerns they want to improve, they can speak with our aesthetician about the best ways to treat these issues. For some patients, chemical peels may be a wonderful solution.

Chemical peels have been used for hundreds of years to enhance the skin. This particular treatment requires our aesthetician to mix a specific formula of ingredients and chemical into a liquid that is applied onto clean skin and left on for a specific period. The skin is then cleansed to stop the process, and patients are given after-care instructions on what to expect after the procedure. Most patients will wear sunscreen, avoid sun exposure for a specific period, and will want to moisturize their skin. Redness and peeling is expected as chemical peels help remove the upper layer of the skin for rejuvenation and to stimulate skin cell turnover.

Chemical peels come in different strengths, and patients are urged to speak to their dermatologist or aesthetician about the results they want to achieve. Peels that are more aggressive require more downtime but can provide faster, more dramatic results than milder peels. The aesthetician will also help patients determine the best ingredients for their peel for the results they want to achieve. For example, patients with acne can reduce the amount of blemishes on their skin by going with a salicylic acid peel on a regular basis to improve the health of the skin. Certain cleansers and quality skin care products may also be suggested for use between peels to remove bacteria from the pores and keep the skin healthy and moisturized.