Orlando area men and women love to spend time out in the sun with all the nice weather, but this can come at a cost if they do not properly protect their skin from the UV rays. Ultraviolet exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer and Dr. Debra Grayman of Pure Skin Dermatology, LLC encourages her patients to follow strict protocol when it comes to spending time outdoors and putting themselves at risk. She is a dermatologist in the Orlando area who serves patients in and around the community and believes in providing patients with the education they need to protect themselves and on how to spot the warning signs of skin cancer.

Protection starts with reducing UV exposure. This can be either outdoors or with tanning beds. Both can increase one’s risk for skin cancer. However, being outside cannot always be avoided, as fresh air can be great for one’s emotional and physical well-being. When spending time outdoors, either for leisure or for work, patients are highly encouraged to wear high SPF sunscreen and to reapply as necessary to reduce UV exposure.

However, patients who do take care of their skin while outdoors still need to be diligent about checking for signs of skin cancer. In fact, everyone should visit their dermatologist at least once a year for an annual skin cancer screening. This is the perfect time for a trained professional to examine the skin from head to toe to look for any warning signs. Dr. Debra Grayman knows what may be an indication of skin cancer. This may include a new skin tag or growth, a change in a mole, or even a wound that refuses to heal and continually scabs or bleeds. This may be something that needs further investigation, and a biopsy may be completed. This is the removal of a portion of the problem area and testing at a laboratory to look for cancerous cells. If it is determined cancerous, patients must then speak with their dermatologist about appropriate treatment options.