Diet and exercise are the most effective ways of losing weight and achieving more attractive body contours. However, there are times when it fails at targeting specific areas of fat on their body. These stubborn areas may make it difficult for patients to look and feel their absolute best. This is when Dr. Debra Grayman and her staff in Orlando, FL may suggest solutions such as UltraShape.

How does UltraShape work?

UltraShape is a specialized device that is cleared by the FDA for the use of improving body contours through fat reduction. It emits ultrasound waves deep into the skin to target the fat cells and break them down, allowing the body to naturally flush them out over time and provide patients with a narrower abdominal area or smaller thighs. It is critical for patients to understand that the process of targeting unwanted fat on specific areas of the body does not happen overnight. Instead, the process takes time. Most patients benefit from three treatment sessions within six weeks and will notice full results after several months.

Why UltraShape?

Many patients choose UltraShape because it is non-invasive, eliminates anesthetics and cutting, and can be done without any downtime or recovery needed. It is also affordable for most of our patients.

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