Most patients can target a specific area of the body that makes them feel less than beautiful. This may be excess fat around the abdominal area or in the thighs. Both men and women may feel self-conscious about their appearance due to this unwanted fat, but are uninterested in invasive procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction available with a plastic surgeon. When patients want an alternative that does not require scarring, downtime, or anesthetics, they are introduced to a solution called Ultrashape.

Ultrashape is an ultrasound treatment used to achieve better body contours on specific areas of the body. This FDA-cleared device is effective, affordable, and in one word: amazing! Instead of going under the knife with plastic surgery, patients rest easy on the treatment table while their dermatologist administers ultrasound energy to the problem area. In less than one hour, patients complete their treatment and move on with the rest of their day without interruption. They may return for follow-up treatments to continue to break down fat cells underneath the skin. The results occur over the course of several weeks, providing gradual fat loss that appears more natural than plastic surgery procedures.

Ultrashape treatments are safe. They provide permanent results when patients continue to enjoy an active lifestyle following their services. This treatment encourages the body to flush out fat cells naturally to never return again. Patients can drop a dress size with three or more treatments. What’s great is patients never have to go under the knife to obtain the body of their dreams. Individuals who exercise regularly, eat right, and maintain a healthy outlook on life are appropriate candidates for Ultrashape therapy and enjoy the long-term results provided.

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