As years go by, we all change. We like new foods, we get new jobs, we have children, and our skin changes. Just like every other aspect of our life, our skin is constantly changing. If we keep treating it the same way, we’re not always going to get the same results. So how should your skincare routine change as you age?


20s: In your 20s, you’re still battling acne and other blemishes. At this age, it’s most important to get a routine down. A gentle cleanser and some light moisturising products will help to keep skin clear. Sunscreen and skin protection is important at this age. Sun exposure can begin the aging process early and to keep your skin safe and healthy products with SPF protection are a good idea.


30s: Your 30s are usually where you start to notice some aging effects. It is around this time when your skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down. So now is when your anti-aging routine should start to kick in. Exfoliation is key and using retinoids in your routine helps you to improve the tone and texture of your skin. Chemical peels are also a great option to refresh your skin and make it look younger. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


40s: Aging is getting a little more obvious now, and your skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to. Using retinoid and continuing to moisturise with an SPF based product will help protect your skin. But, these won’t do as much for your skin as they did in your 30s. Juvederm and Botox treatments are something you might want to think about if your skin is making you self conscious.


50s: You’re fifty and feisty, and so is your skin! Moisturising at this age is key and so is sunscreen (are you seeing a pattern here?). To keep your skin looking fresh, use a peptide rich serum during the day and a retinoid at night along with your moisturiser. Laser resurfacing treatments are also recommended to help reduce wrinkles.
As you age, so does your skin. But not all routines and products work for everyone. The first step is to know your skin, and to do that you should see a dermatologist. Our offices offer the VISIA Complexion Analysis, which is an amazing technology that can help you to understand your skin better. For more information about our services and the VISIA Complexion Analysis, give us a call or come in and see us!